Beware Of The "Model Home" Ploy From Window Salesmen

Thomas says his wife was approached by a belligerent salesman the other day regarding the windows on their home. He tried to get her to agree to an instant estimate and promised a huge discount for being a “model home” for the window upgrades, but when she refused to make an instant decision, Thomas says he “snatched the card out of her hand” and “yelled at her.”

Here’s the complaint that Thomas sent in to The Window Store of Minneapolis over a week ago. Earlier this week, we too sent the Window Store an email asking them to respond to the story and giving them a chance to explain just how a Model Home offer works. They’ve yet to respond to Thomas or to us.

My wife had one of your salesmen approach her at home yesterday. It was an older gentleman but my wife did not get the name since he yanked his business card out of her hand. My wife said the gentleman got too close to her, was intimidating and rude and made a scene that even the neighbors were aware of. When my wife could not commit immediately to the usual nonsense pitch that window salesmen use about being a model home and acting now, he yelled at her that she would not get the best deal and snatched the card out of her had. Terrible way to do business with a potential customer that needs new windows.

Thomas adds that you should be wary of any offer to be a “model home” for housing renovations or upgrades; if the salesman demands an instant answer, it’s likely the deal isn’t that great to begin with.

Potential windows customers should know that if they are approached as being a model home for windows and will receive a discount allowing their home to be seen, this is a tired old ploy to act right away. Usually the deal will not be offered if you do not set up an estimate immediately. The “estimator” may actually be a marketer who may or may not be able to give you a price. Stay away from these lures.

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