Yankees Cut Premium Ticket Prices From "Exorbitant" To "Expensive"

For some reason, the New York Yankees are having trouble selling the most expensive seats in the new Yankee Stadium. Especially the ones in the front rows that are noticeably empty on TV. The New York Times has a rundown of the pricing changes.

The full-season, front-row $2,500 tickets behind the dugouts will be reduced to $1,250, and those who have already purchased such tickets will get a refund or a credit. Still, at $1,250, those tickets will remain roughly twice as expensive as the highest-priced seat at Citi Field, the Mets’ new home.

Tickets along the first- and third-base lines that cost $1,000 a game will be cut to $650. Refunds and credits will apply as well.

Fans who have purchased $2,500 front-row season tickets behind and to the sides of home plate will not get a price cut. Instead, they will receive an equal number of front-row seats, for free, for the rest of the season, in what may be an attempt by the Yankees to fill up the empty spaces so visible on TV.

Well, that’s awfully gracious of them in a taxpayer-funded stadium.

Yankees Slash the Price of Top Tickets [New York Times] (Thanks, Molly!)
(Photo: cali4niadreamn23)

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