$3,269.84 Raised So Far, Ben Still Stuck In Anechoic Chamber

So far 207 people have donated $3,269.84 to The Consumerist Tip Jar. Woo! We’re stoked. We’ve got 3 more weeks of this fund-drive and I bet we can raise a bunch more. Which would be really nice, because, as you can see in this video, I’m still stuck in Consumer Union’s anechoic chamber (a room that has no echo) and having a chair malfunction. See, they’re really serious about keeping us free from commercial influence. That’s why there’s no ads from outside companies on the site that might influence our coverage. But sticking me in an echo-less chamber might be going a little too far. I can hear my own heart beat in my ears. So visit Donatetoconsumerist.com and help us out, and maybe they’ll let me out!

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(Why a tipjar? We’ll tell ya!)

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