YouTube’s Video Views Counter Will No Longer Get Stuck At 301+

Image courtesy of catastrophe girl

Gone are the days of the baffling “301+” views on popular YouTube videos: the company says it’s rolling out an updated view counter, and will no longer strand videos with rapidly climbing views to the 301 limbo.

YouTube announced the change on Twitter, saying that videos will now have more up-to-date info on views:

The reason YouTube used to only show that figure? When a video gets a sudden boost in views, the public counter would stop at the mysterious 301+ while the platform investigated and made sure those views were legit, and not the work of some kind of bot designed to falsely bump views.

Once things calmed down and the views were verified, they were added to the public counter so everyone can see just how many hits yet another cover of “Let It Go” from Frozen can get (a lot).

Farewell, 301+. May your counter always be stuck, wherever it is outdated technology goes to die.

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