Kansas Governor Vetoes Hormone-Free Milk Labeling Bill

Kansas Governor (and soon-to-be Health and Human Services Director) Kathleen Sebelius vetoed a Kansas bill that would have required a weaselly label on hormone-free dairy products.

The bill would have to dairy producers who advertise that their milk is free of recombinant bovine growth hormone to also include a statement that the FDA has declared rGBH safe. Sebelius noted that “There has been overwhelming opposition by consumer groups, small dairy producers and retailers to this proposed legislation.”

We’re not sure how much faith we should place in the FDA’s assessment of safety, considering its recent record on BPA. We’ve also seen hospitals agree to only serve rBGH-free dairy products, and we’ve seen the obvious consumer demand for hormone-free milk, so we think this is a good decision by the Governor.

Kansas Governor Vetoes Milk Labeling Bill [CU Not In My Food Blog] Thanks, Tim!

(Photo: Jason Gulledge)

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