Maybe You Should Just Go Back To Ignoring Me, HyperFriendly Chase Tellers

According to a rant over at Racked, apparently some of the Chase banks have gone into this hyperfriendly mode where all the tellers are trying excessively to interact with you:

[I] had to go down an escalator and there were like 4-5 suited people at the bottom staring and smiling at me. My instinct was to run back up the escalator, it was really intimidating. Then I told like 5 separate people who were circling me like sharks that I was fine and preferred the teller. And then one guy went so far as to grab my withdrawal slip out of my hand!! He saw it and was like, ‘Oh, you don’t know your account number? I can help you with that from over here…’ It was unreal.

Sometimes there’s such a thing as too much customer service

Rants: Why are Chase Staffers So Aggressive? [Racked] (Photo: Digital Sextant)

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