Tennessee Pushes Back Against Late Fees By Credit Card Companies

Although it has yet to pass into law, the Tennessee Senate Commerce Committee has approved a bill that requires creditors to count the postmark date of a payment as the payment date, not the day they say they receive it.

The bill’s sponsor, Tim Burchett, said consumers shouldn’t have to be held accountable for delays beyond their control:

It is not right for credit card consumers to pay late fees if the payment is sitting on the desk of an employee of the credit card company or if it arrives late due to slow mail… Many Tennesseans have faced these charges, even though they made their payments on time…. Consumers should not have to pay for the mistakes of others when their efforts can be proved by a postmark.

What an awesome bill; we hope it goes through. It would be nice, too, if other states step up to protect their residents, especially since the federal government has been so slow to act.

“Pro-Business Committee Passes Pro-Consumer Bill” [Knox News](Thanks to Jeff!)
(Photo: Steve 2.0)

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