Reader Receives Three Phishing Attempts In One Week

DoomNasty tells us he’s been hit three times in the past week with phishing attempts. The first two were text messages from Alarion Bank, asking him to call 1-877-240-6149 “to find out why my debit/atm card was blocked. I do not have an account, and Privacy Assist shows no account was created behind my back.” The third was from 201-968-0007, but no message was left. He traced the number to Liquidity Solutions, Inc., who told him that “one of their numbers got hijacked and the hijacker is phishing for banking info.”

Remember to always be on your guard against phishing attempts. If you consider yourself a novice when it comes to knowing what a phishing attempt might look like, try this interactive phishing quiz from Consumer Reports. For lots more information, bookmark the Consumer Reports Online Security Guide, which is full of articles and advice on how to protect yourself and your finances.

(Photo: moonjazz)

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