Stay Informed About The Pistachio Salmonella Apocalypse

There have been quite a few “salmonella pistachio” recalls in the past few days, so the FDA has set up pistachio HQ on their website. You can search and/or browse the Pistachio Recalled Products List, learn about salmonella, and generally freak out about contaminated pistachios.

Meanwhile, the AP is reporting that the FDA is looking into a sister company of the California nut processor currently under investigation because cockroaches and rodent droppings were found in the facility. The plant failed its health inspection.

The AP also notes that the only reason the contamination was found was because Kraft voluntarily tested the nuts for salmonella. Neither the Food and Drug Administration nor state laws require food manufacturers to test the safety of their products.

FDA eyes NY firm in pistachio recall probe [AP]

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