Email Addresses For Microsoft Executives

It’s not uncommon to run into a dead end when trying to resolve your Xbox 360 or Xbox Live issues with the official customer support channels, which is why sometimes you have no recourse other than to try to get the attention of the executives at Microsoft. Here are some addresses to try, culled from the Penny Arcade forums.

Remember, if you decide to try this route, send your email to each address separately; apparently Microsoft will flag your email as spam if you send it to a group of addresses.

Bill Gates, Chairman of the Board
Steve Ballmer, CEO – / (425) 706-8448
J. Allard, CTO –
Robert Bach, President, Entertainment and Devices Division –
Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP, Entertainment and Devices eHome Division –
Kathleen Hogan, Corporate VP, Worldwide Customer Service –

You can find out more information about Microsoft’s leaders (although not contact info, unfortunately) on their press page.

Never sent an Executive Email Carpet Bomb (EECB) before? Here’s how to do it.

(Photo: Steve 2.0)


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  1. dragonfire81 says:

    $5 says these will all be dead very soon.

  2. Rick Boyett says: has been around for a looooong time. It is pretty much common knowledge. I don’t know what the situation is know, but he used to have a small army of people that sorted through his email.

  3. custommadescare says:

    Good. Now I know who to contact since my Falcon chip “Elite” system bricked with the e74 error.

    Seriously, is it too much to ask to have a console last longer than 13 months?

  4. Coles_Law says:

    I’m suprised the Chairman of the Board’s email isn’t

    /obscure joke

  5. ecvogel says:

    You might get a faster response with Steve, since Bill comes and gos from what I understand. He is too busy doing charity work with his wife Melinda (which is great). He left his position, maybe last year? But from what I read he still comes in.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I used thsoe above emails only a few weeks ago when poor customer service had claimed my 360 for 7 weeks and then told me it was goign to be another 3 weeks before I got it back. All because of the red ring of death.

    The business day after I sent a long and detailed letter of complaint (clearly and specifically outlining each of the ways in which their customer support had failed me) my new xbox arrived in the mail. After it arrived I was contacted by a memeber of the Xbox Customer Service Escalation team who informed me that my letter had been received and investigative steps were being taken. And then he offered me my pick from any of the Xbox accessories as a way of compensation.

    The key was sending the mail to every person I could find information for and being civil in my letter.

    A good resource for contacting some of the Xbox team is through the site I set up an account and used my 3 free emails to send letters to more Xbox executives that I wasn’t unable to find info for anywhere else.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Its common knowledge that most companies setup their email with the first name, last initial format or vice versa. I seriously doubt Bill Gates would really have an address in that format. Doesn’t exactly leave much for social engineering does it.

  8. woogychuck says:

    The only of those that would do you any good are Robbie Bach and Joe Belfiore’s email addresses. The others have almost nothing to do with the entertainment and devices devision.

    However, you if you wanted to actually get something fixed, Major Nelson is your best bet. I know he’s on twitter as @majornelson, but I’m unsure of his e-mail address. He’s generally very engaged with the community and has helped a lot of people get issues resolved.

  9. Matt Meadows says:

    Could they really be this simple. . . billg?