Ben Popken On "To The Point" Today At 3

I’ll be on “To The Point” later today from 3-4pm eastern. We’ll be talking about how lost confidence in the financial cabal plays into people doing their own investing. From the show notes:

American capitalism’s in crisis, and the public has lost confidence in banks, money managers and business reporters – even the Treasury Department. Friday, on To the Point, If the smartest guys in the room aren’t reliable, who do you trust with your money? Will the US become a nation of online traders?

To The Point is on many NPR-affiliate stations or you can listen online here by clicking the “Live” button.

What do you think? Has the financial crisis lead you to become a more self-directed investor, or made you even more interested in the advice of a financial planner?

The Great Recession and the Erosion of Trust [To The Point]

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