No, You Should Not Use A Forklift To Move A Car Parked In "Your" Spot

Georgia resident and SECO Parts and Equipment employee David Johnson told his co-worker that there would be consequences for parking in his spot. “He better come move it,” Johnson warned, “or I’ll move it for him!” This wasn’t enough to convince the co-worker to move from what had to be an ideal spot, so Johnson did what any rational solution-minded employee would do. He got a forklift…

A witness told police that Mr. Johnson lifted the vehicle, which was parked at Southeastern Equipment Co. on Mike Padgett Highway, off the ground twice and then let it fall.

After causing $1,600 worth of damages, Johnson fled. Police are now searching for him so they can haul him up on felony charges.

Augusta man accused of using forklift to move car “in his spot” [NBC Augusta]
Police hunt man after car moved with forklift [The Augusta Chronicle]
(Photo: bucklava)

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