HP Makes Up For Sending Reader "Repaired" Laptop Filled With Viruses

Aaron is happy to report that he has gotten resolution with his complaint about HP’s repair center sending him back his laptop filled with viruses. Good thing for HP that Aaron is honest, otherwise he could probably have three laptops right now, as three different HP reps contacted him about his story. On March 9th he wrote us:

This morning I received my brand new replacement Tablet-pc from HP. The night the article was posted a consumerist reader who works with HP somewhere in the middle-management -area looked up my case-number, called me, and took it upon himself to use his connections to get me a replacement. He told me that even though it is not normally his job, he could not let his company treat a customer like that and that he would do all he could to try to personally get it resolved.

During this past week I noticed how disorganized HP customer service is though.
Monday: the consumerist reader’s connection called me to get me a replacement. (i took this offer)
Wednesday: Daniel from Executive customer service (probably from my EECB) called and offered me a replacement. (I informed them I had one coming)
Thursday: A customer relations manager called me offering me a replacement(probably also from my EECB.) (I informed them I had one coming)

If I were a dishonest man I could probably have three laptops right now.

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(Photo: LeonelCunha (changing isp :: no dsl connection )

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