Magic Pricematching Fairy Visits Costco

Reader Lyn is happy to report that he is not suffering any buyer’s regret. A week after buying a big ol’ 52″ Sony Bravia LCD TV from Costco for $1950, one of “my wife’s and I’s once-in-ten-years type deals,” he saw the same one sitting in the TV section for $200 less.

So I was a little ticked. So I casually mention it to the cashier guy Kevin and he told me that they would work with me if i brought the receipt in. So i hightailed it home and found my receipt. I went right back and a nice supervisor named Fernanda and she said that if you buy something and within 30 days it goes down they will refund you the price difference plus tax. So that’s what did. And like most people i used that money on the groceries that the shrink rays don’t touch.

I guess it pays to ask.


It certainly does, Lyn, it certainly does. (Photo: ubrayj02)