Three Tips To Keep The Recession From Depressing Your Relationship

Money can ruin relationships, but by talking honestly about finances with your significant other, you just might emerge from this depressing recession as a couple. Even if your finances are deteriorating, there are a few ways to keep your money problems from rotting your relationship.

  • 1. Talk!: Every couple should be able to honestly talk about their finances. If you are in trouble, your partner needs to know because it affects them too. Work together to set shared goals and make sure you’re sticking to them.
  • 2. No Secret Spending: Surprise your significant other with flowers, not debt. Agree to jointly discuss any spending over a certain limit, $200 maybe?
  • 3. Keep Giving Each Other Gifts: Just because finances are tight doesn’t mean you can’t spend a little to show your love. Think small meaningful gifts like homemade albums instead of flashy jewelry.

How are you and your partner handling finances during the recession?

Recession-Proofing Your Relationship [The Wallet]
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