Burlington Coat Factory Supplier Caught Gluing Designer Labels To Walmart Coats

A CBS investigation has uncovered some Walmart and Macy’s coats being sold at Burlington Coat Factor — disguised as more expensive designer brands. Apparently, some jackass at a coat supplier thought it would be a good idea to glue Perry Ellis labels on cheap coats. As you can imagine, both Burlington Coat Factory and the customers with the fake merchandise are not pleased.

After a customer noticed an oddly glued on label and tugged at it, revealing a Walmart brand beneath, he told his local CSB affiliate. They investigated and turned up “double-labeled jackets at every Connecticut location except East Windsor. About 115 double-labeled jackets were found in the eight store locations.”

From WFSB:

According to a statement released by Burlington Coat Factory, “… Unbeknownst to us, the manufacturer, the Levy Group, which has the rights to both Perry Ellis and Joseph Abboud labels, had ironed on Perry Ellis and Joseph Abboud labels over the top of other labels in a group of men’s wool topcoats and wool jackets.”

Since Burlington Coat Factory pointed the finger at the Levy Group, the I-Team turned to that company for answers.
“The Levy Group regrets that an employee at a newly acquired division of our company, which manufactures men’s topcoats and raincoats, appears to have taken it upon himself to iron designer labels on top of other labels that were then shipped to our customer,” company President Donald Levy said in a statement. “This action was taken without the approval or knowledge of the management of the Levy Group.”

If you think you may have purchased one of these coats, Burlington Coat factory is offering store credit or a refund plus a 20% off coupon until March 31st.

I-Team Investigates Double-Labeled Coats [WFSB] (Thanks, Anthony !)

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