Thanks For Giving My Tax Refund To Someone Else, H & R Block

Q:What happens when HR Block copies your bank information incorrectly and deposits your tax refund into someone else’s account? A:The other person spends it and H & R Block shrugs and tells you to call the police.

“I called H & R Block before the money was deposited in the wrong account and told them they copied my bank account number wrong,” the customer told the Des Moines Register. “They didn’t act like there was anything they could do about it.”

H & R Block says that a police report has been filed and they can “find out where the money went and how to get it back.”

You know, maybe we’re out of line here, but this guy’s refund was $2,696, which is a lot for a regular guy, but probably won’t cause H & R Block to go out of business. Then again — in this economy, who knows.

Des Moines man: Tax preparer put refund in wrong bank account [Des Moines Register] (Thanks, Randy !)

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