The Chicago Tribune reports on the sad state of the Circuit City on Elston Ave. Apparently, the remaining stock consists mainly of American Idol themed merchandise and a Sony Viao with 9 missing keys for only $623.99. Don’t skip school or anything, kids. [Chicago Tribune]


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  1. JosephFinn says:

    As someone who’s been in that store, that’s not much of a difference from before. Even for Circuit City, that place was a hole.

  2. Namilia says:

    I went in the Jacksonville NC Circuit City this past weekend to see what junk was left. Much to my surprise, I found an actual bargain – MS Office 2007 Professional for $132. Got it for my parents, they’d been wanting to get it. Just stinks I got Pro for them for less than I bought Standard for myself.

    Darn teacher requiring Office and not accepting Open Office! >.<

    • gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

      @Namilia: we got licenses for 2007 pro for $10 each (including the dvd) via a partnership between my dad’s place of employment and microsoft