If We Buy This And Give It Back To You, Will You Read It, Circuit City Execs?

After seeing our photo evidence of the sorry state of the St. Peters, MO, Circuit City yesterday, Eric decided to check out the final days of the Circuit City in Poughkeepsie, NY. He writes, “On one clearance table, among the overpriced cables, I saw this. I’m not sure what this was doing there, but it’s probably something the Circuit City executives should have read a few years ago, huh?” Yes, but it’s never too late! Those executives are going to end up working somewhere after all. By the way, do CC execs get a liquidation discount?

(Oh hey, how about those “Fixtures” stickers, huh? We guess it’s true, liquidation companies will try to cram any old inventory into a sale.)


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  1. Bigrobot says:

    It was probably found stuffed under the short leg of the manager’s desk.

  2. cynical_bastard says:

    Well you know its in mint condition, never read!

  3. Radi0logy says:

    I’m betting that book as “crazy, screwball” theories like treat the customer right, give them value for their dollar, honor your own policies, and have an open corporate culture.

    Are you listening, Best Buy?

  4. PencilSharp says:

    Wasn’t in e-book format; therefore, it must be ignored.
    Seriously, CC was one of those corp’s that not only didn’t care about customer service, they actively went out of their way to mess with customers.
    I kinda feel bad for the poor manager who owned that book. His must have been one of the most frustrating jobs this side of PCA floor sweeper.

  5. Radi0logy says:

    I’m waiting on one of these Circuit city Liquidation sale posts to turn up some old Divx equipment. That would be cool actually

  6. Adhominem says:

    Wait, you’re saying that I should be able to conduct business with corporate America without having to look over my shoulder every 30 seconds?


  7. Snarkysnake says:

    “Those executives are going to end up working somewhere, so better late than never.”

    I wouldn’t be so sure about that. At least,there is not another national chain out there that will give them a career Mulligan and let them screw up again.The fact is,the depth and severity of this financial crisis is such that the days of “falling up” into a better job may be coming to an end. Going forward,companies cannot afford to have a battalion of incompetent managers running their business into the ground because they will NOT be able to just borrow more cheap money to cover up their failures. As we have seen,the weak,incompetently run businesses in every sector of the economy are going out of business just as fast as they can nail the doors shut. This should have the (happy) effect of putting people like the executive team at CC in the same spot that they put their former employees -having to compete for their position based on accomplishment,not how buddy-buddy they are with other executives.

    I may be missing something,and flamers are welcome,but “leaner and meaner” is going to apply to EVERYONE in a company soon,not just the rank and file…

  8. Bush2008 says:

    That’s actually a really good book, and it’s really short. I’d recommend anyone who works in customer service to read it.

  9. Trencher93 says:

    Guess? “We guess it’s true, liquidation companies will try to cram any old inventory into a sale.” The liquidations I’ve seen have not had much, if any, store inventory. I suspect they confiscate and sell anything of value on the open market, not at the stores. They get any salable inventory out of there before they start and sell it somewhere else. Then they bring in any old junk they have left over from previous liquidations and put it in the store. I admit I have never seen an electronics store liquidated before, but that’s how they do it with other stores.

  10. PLATTWORX says:

    I am surpised more has not been written as to WHY Circuit City is gone. For the last few years, it was clear from news stories that the CEO was an idiot who made one horrible decision after another starting with that famous firing of the higher paid/experienced employees that distroyed customer service at the stores and was a public relations disaster they never recovered from.

    The last time I shopped a CC store, I stood 20 minutes in line to check out because they had one register open (this was long before the liquidating sale) and I swore to never return.

    Why this management team was allowed to run CC into the ground when it was so clear they were a train wreck escapes me. One would think shareholders who lost their shirts would sue these knuckleheads. The face they were paid a salary to distroy the company is nuts.

  11. Blueskylaw says:

    I’m looking for a 5¼ inch drive.
    Anybody see one?

  12. jp7570 says:

    I’ve read the book too. It is written by a Dallas car dealer. His dealerships definitely “get it” as far as customer service goes. I’ve bought 2 cars from them over the last 15 years. And even though I keep my cars a long time (8 to 10 years on average), Sewell has always treated me like I was someone that bought a new car every year.

    Most retailers can benefit from this book and Carl’s attitude towards selling and service.

  13. Corporate-Shill says:

    Store Fixtures are a lot more valuable than you may realize.

    I priced out one CC at a little over 15K in just warehouse shelving. Add the in-store displays, forklifts etc and that one store could be worth 50K.

    Multiply that 50K by Hundreds and Hundreds of stores and suddenly we are discussing some real $.

    And unlike a Big Screen TV, used warehouse and display shelving does not rapidly depreciate (I have shelving which is 40 years old and still quite functional) AND there is a large market for the goods.

    As part of the liquidation agreement the liquidators get to sell the furniture. Sounds like a good plan to me.

  14. UndeadManWalking says:

    I actually went in to CC in Glendale, CA yesterday to check out the “Last 5 Days!” discounts. On a table near the back I found a children’s book printed in 1973.

    My girlfriend and I just figured they were attempting to sell of lost and found items as a last-ditch effort to make some money.

    On the bright side, the book was only tagged at $3.

  15. p75hmsa says:

    With all the hating on CC going on here, I thought I’de share my story.

    In 2006 I was looking to buy a new HDTV, the first place I went looking was my favorite store, Circuit City. They’ve always had what I wanted in stock, and everything I bought worked the way it should. I should note I’ve only shopped there 10 times or so in my entire life. Anyways, I went there and I saw the TV I wanted, it was a Sony 32″ CRT HD set, 1080i. It was priced at only 415$ Remember back in 2006 when HDTV’s were expensive as all hell? I thought I’de get a good deal, so I told the manager to hold it I would come back tomorrow with the cash. I did, the next day the staff were very nice and helped me load it into my car, the manual said this set weighed 126lbs boy they were right. It came with everything but the remote, I told the manager about this and a few minutes later he came back with a bag of cables and the remote. I was extremely pleased with the whole situation. I got everything that came with the set originally minus the box for a good price. I guess at this point your expecting me to say that it died years ago and is sitting in my garage because it was a floor model. Nope, still works great and I love it just as much as the day I bought it.