Best Buy Sells Busted Cam As New, Blames You. Oops! Employee Pix!

UPDATE: Best Buy Goes Above And Beyond To Make Up For Selling Busted Camera As New

Oh this is too classic. Michael’s grandma bought a digital camera from Best Buy that turned out to already have its seal broken, be filled with someone else’s pictures, and was defective. At first Best Buy said they would exchange it and give her a 10% discount. Then they decided that the customers had busted the camera and insisted the photos on the camera were “demo photos.”

When Michael tried to escalate to Best Buy corporate, Best Buy said the manager had told them already that the camera was “clearly damaged” and therefore they could do nothing. There was no clear damage on the camera except for the most minor of scuff marks.

Then, the smoking gun. Michael found in a separate folder on the camera images of what very much appears to be a Geek Squad team member. Oopsie poopsies. All of a sudden now the Best Buy manager is very eager to help him out. Read the full story at Michael’s blog.

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