That Baby Outfit Macy Is Selling For $19.98? You Can Return It For $2.50

Benny wanted to return a baby gift worth $19.98, but Macy’s refused to offer more $2.50. Benny didn’t have a gift receipt so Macy’s understandably refused to give him more than the product’s lowest advertised price—but when Benny tracked the item down on the shelf, it was selling for $19.98. When he asked where the product was selling for $2.50, he was told: “its not, the managers put in the lowest selling price, thats Macy’s policy!”

Benny writes:

As an avid reader of The Consumerist, I wanted to share the following story of how Macy’s has a “selling price” and a “return price” that 85% less.

I recently received a baby outfit for my daughter as a gift but mistakenly misplaced the Macy’s gift receipt, being that the outfit was the wrong size i decided to try and return it to Macy’s without the receipt. When i got to my local macy’s the girl at the counter in the baby section was very nice in explaning that Macy’s will happily accept the return however they can only offer the “lowest selling price” I said ok how much is that? the answer; $2.50! Thinking wow the giver must have gotten a really good deal we decided to keep the outfit and look around the baby section for other items we might like.

while browsing through the baby section I noticed a whole rack of the same outfit selling for $19.98! thinking this must be a mistake I scanned the barcode at one of the price checker machines… nope! it says $19.98.

I went over to another checkout counter and tried the return again, once again she says “the lowest selling price is $2.50!” I picked up one of the outfits the store was selling and said look its selling for $19.98! she said “macy’s policy is to give the lowest selling price, not the current selling price” I said ok where is it selling for $2.50? I’d like to go buy more of these outfits! she said “its not, the managers put in the lowest selling price, thats Macy’s policy!” she then proceeded to call her manager saying there is a customer who has an issue with Macy’s policy….

I took pictures of the screen saying $2.50 with the item number and the tag showing it sells for $19.98, see attached

Please post this story on your site! buyers should be made aware of such scandalous policy’s, feel free to edit and reword.

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