Letter To Macy’s CEO Gets Changing Tables Installed In Men’s Restrooms

Sometimes taking your concerns with a company to the top level really does get the job done. Case in point: a Maryland man shared his disappointment that a local Macy’s didn’t equip the men’s bathroom with changing tables to the retailer’s CEO. One week later, the store’s bathrooms were renovated.

Fox 5 D.C. reports that the Maryland father had stopped by a local Macy’s in early December to do a little holiday shopping when his 4-month-old son started getting upset.

The man realized a clean diaper would likely help his kiddo get though the shopping experience. But when he hit the restroom, he quickly realized that might not be possible. In fact, all three men’s restrooms in the three-story department store lacked changing tables.

“Every father knows you’ve got to change the diaper before you get started,” he says. “I couldn’t find a changing table. At that point, I was stuck because unless the baby is content, you’ve got to have a dry diaper.”

So he did the only thing he could: he left the store and wrote a letter to Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren on behalf of all fathers who need access to changing stations, reports Fox 5 D.C.

Macy’s executives contacted the store’s manager, who started putting a team together to address the issue.

Now the store boasts not only changing stations, but a renovated men’s room.

“I was quite surprised, actually, that it was within the same week,” the man’s wife tells Fox 5 D.C. “I am very surprised.”

In addition to addressing the changing table situation, Macy’s sent the family a gift card as apology for the inconvenience.

Frustrated father’s letter to Macy’s CEO spurs new changing table inside store men’s room [Fox 5 D.C.]

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