Cancel Cable Without Losing Your Favorite Shows

Cable is one of the first things you should cut to keep expenses down, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch your favorite shows. J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly cut his cable bill from $65.82 to $11.30 without missing a single harrowing plot twist. Here’s how he did it…

J.D. basically designed his own à la carte programming instead of paying for a mess of unnecessary cable channels. He relied on two resources:

  • iTunes: “Since we started, we’ve purchased eleven “seasons” from iTunes, totaling $398.42 (or about $36.22 per season). This works out to about $16.60 per month. When added to our $11.30 basic cable bill, we’re paying $27.90 each month for television. That’s less than half of what we were paying before.”
  • Hulu: Every respectable network streams their shows, and Hulu is one of the better spots to watch full episodes online. Anyone outside the U.S. or in need of more obscure shows can also try SurfTheChannel.

How I Cut My Television Bill in Half [Get Rich Slowly]
(Photo: jonny.hunter)

[Ed. Previously this post had a mention about Bittorrent. It has been removed. Consumerist does not advocate piracy.

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