Dunkin' Donuts' 99 Cent Latte Ads Are Misleading

Corey pointed out to us that the Dunkin’ Donuts advertising for their 99 cent latte is a bit misleading. He writes,

I have had the $.99 hot latte a bunch of times and it didn’t occur to me that the TV commercial is showing a cup that looks to be approximately double the size. My wife has bought them too but she now knows why she feels disappointed every time she gets one.

Wait, so you’re saying your wife is upset because she was led to believe she’d get a larger size, and it’s smaller than she’d anticipated? Oh HO!

Seriously, though, we looked up the nutritional info on Dunkin’ Donuts’ website, and their small latte is indeed 10 oz. That means the cup they served me today (which wasn’t half bad) was what they’ve always served. So we agree with Corey and his wife—why does the commercial make it out like it should be about 50% larger?

Update: the fine print that’s cut off in the screen cap above reads, “Price and participation may vary,” although there may be additional on screen or voiceover fine print. I haven’t seen the actual commercial.

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