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  1. Patrick Mcgranaghan says:

    Ad people have to rationalize their bloated budgets somehow

  2. albear says:

    I totally hate the new Pepsi logo. I’m hoping it’s a publicity stunt like Coke’s new Coke from 1985.

    If a lot of people complain they will bring back the classic Pepsi logo :P

    • FLEB says:

      @albear: Their new logos and branding across the board are pretty poor. The new “MtnDew” looks trendy and transient, the new Sierra Mist cases blend into the background and look like a store knockoff brand, and the new Pepsi logo looks like someone just banged on the original one until it started to come loose.

      • Ixnayer says:

        @FLEB: I thought the exact same thing when I saw the new Sierra Mist. I actually thought it was a generic store brand.

      • SJActress says:


        I disagree. I think the new “MtnDew” makes them look like fracking idiots who can’t even bother to spell out the name of their own product. But then, look who they’re catering to–a big bunch of 12s.

        I’m just wishing for Pepsi or Coke to put their Diet counterparts in glass bottles and sell them to me!!!

    • Alexander Saites says:

      @albear: I like the simplicity of the new Pepsi logo, which is what I think they were going for; however, I hate the awkwardness of that white stripe, gigantic on one side and far too skinny on the other. I think if they evened that out a bit, it would look pretty great.

      On the other hand, I don’t think they needed a complete redesign in the first place. If they had cut down the “fizziness” of the logo, they could have gotten that same “more simplistic” feel that seems popular these days (which is what I’m guessing led to the new logo).

    • Matt Cockrell says:

      @albear: Only in as much as new Coke wasn’t a publicity stunt.


    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      @albear: They totally ripped this off: []

    • Wormfather is Wormfather says:

      @albear: I like the simplitic approach. Have you seen the new 2 liters of tropicana? Me likes.

  3. Plates says:

    This is just spin trying to say they didn’t try to deliberately copy the Obama logo in order to increase sales and to get even more free publicity. It is marketing genius.

    • Robobot says:

      @Plates: Yeah, there is just no way this logo isn’t politically-related. The DC metro system has been covered with Pepsi ads since around the time the inauguration tourists began to arrive. These huge posters all say suspiciously Obama-esque phrases like, “HOOOOOOPE” with all the “O” letters replaced with the Obama/Pepsi symbol.

    • Wormfather is Wormfather says:

      @Plates: I dont know, for pepsi, hitching their add campaign to obama seems pretty short sited. Lets not forget that only like 55% of the people voted for him. that’s a whole lot of market share your ailienating there.

      I’m going to go with it being a coincidence.

      • battra92 says:

        @Wormfather is Wormfather: If I knew for a fact that Pepsi was endorsing Obama in any way, I’d stop drinking their product.

        Go back to bribing both sides like American businesses always do. ;)

        In all seriousness my brother collects the cans so he was excited to see more cans for his collection.

  4. larrymac808 says:

    Somebody who can get to flickr should link Apelad’s “Popsi” drawing.

  5. dialing_wand says:

    Can you say “intentionally leaked non-sense to drum up business?”

    Mmm…. high fructose corn syrup nirvana.

  6. jmndos says:

    If they want something revolutionary…start using cane sugar or beet sugar instead of HFCS…

  7. pb5000 says:

    Remember when they tried to do that dance move with the “walk like an Egyptian” style hand moves?


  8. termitehead says:

    Why is this document so damn fascinating?

  9. lpranal says:

    the only thing I can think of that rivals (and probably exceeds) the degree of WTF in this is the artwork of Paul Laffoley.

  10. Borax-Johnson says:

    So if I drink a can of it, will I finish it before I started?

  11. Rugbyjersey says:
  12. hellinmyeyes says:

    I feel astronomically dumber after being tricked into clicking.

  13. cristiana says:

    I totally hate the new logo, to me it looks like the old logo got some sort of degenerative disease.
    Also, I wonder how many millions Pepsi paid for what is essentially two bezier curves that probably took 30 seconds in Illustrator.

  14. jjeefff says:

    Congratulations to Consumerist for becoming a part of Pepsi’s marketing campaign.

  15. axiomatic says:

    I suspect the only people who actually find this interesting is the Pepsi Co. marketing dept.

    (fire them)

  16. RogueSophist says:

    The one thing I’ve gleaned after reviewing this document, after some quick calculations, is the following theorem:

    P = MC^2.

  17. ChinaDeathBus_GitEmSteveDave says:

    All this is missing is Robert Langdon telling us how this relates to the church and Leonardo daVinci and St. peter.

  18. Telekinesis123 says:

    I found this through reddit the other day, I thought it was a fantastic response to the new Pepsi logo…


  19. esd2020 says:

    That’s got to be either a stunt or a goof. Way too over the top to be real.

  20. SacraBos says:

    So, is that diagram implying that Pepsi drinkers will be come so obese, that light will now bend around them?

    • wgrune says:


      Correct. They will gain so much mass they will in effect turn into Dark Matter.

    • your new nemesis says:

      @SacraBos: Maybe each pepsi contains the ever elusive worm hole, and each can will literally be a new experience as it sucks you into a new dimesion ala Quantum Leap or Sliders. Each pepsi drank will bring you one step closer to home. Drink up, it’s your only hope.

  21. ironchef says:

    Logo tastes like yuck.

  22. junip says:

    This load of bull reminds me of:

    1. the Duchamp toilet in SF Moma.. “it’s art because i say it’s art, nevermind it’s just a urinal i turned on its side”

    2. the blank white canvas in SF Moma.. “its whiteness reflects the light and the dust in the room” ..uh yah right.

    3. the kid in my college art class who worked at a copy store and b*llsh*tted his way through an assignment with 100 blank pieces of copy paper he ran through a copier with nothing on the glass, along with some made up existential crap to make the teacher go “ooh” at a stack of blank paper..

  23. XianZomby says:

    It also looks remarkable like the logo for Korean Airways. []

    In fact, there was an ad in the DC subway the other day that said “WOW” and nothing else. The “O” was a logo tht was either the Pepsi logo or the Korean Airways logo. So really, I have no idea what the ad was for.

    Same problem with Cingular and Flex Car logo. Of course, both of those companies are gone now. But I think there was a third logo that looked like Cingular and Flex Car. I’d love to remember what it was.

  24. BobCoyote says:

    Oh. My. God.

  25. Michael Belisle says:

    As we approach the Pepsi Limit, we see that the very fabric of space and time begins to bend, allowing us to finally to achieve totality and universality. Indeed, we have arrived at the singular point in human civilization where we no longer must be content to settle for idle symmetry and one-dimensional states of being. The fifth paradigm has come.

  26. Michael Belisle says:

    @Ixnayer: I always thought Sierra Mist was a store brand.

  27. Jimmy Billingsley says:

    It’s obvious what they did…. they found out that dividing any number by zero it will always equal the Pepsi logo.

  28. Mr_D says:

    America, YHBT. YHL. HAND.

  29. Aisley says:

    Just went to the link for the document. Oh Lord, it reads like something Cheech and Chong would come up with at the top of their stoned days. What is all that _T%R@$*UI(%^ on “DNA reinvestment” and a “traditional linear system”? I can come up with better and more logical wording that this; and this is what they get paid to do? No wonder advertasing has shuch a bad rap.

  30. Swifty says:

    It’s a viral.

    And the blogosphere is going to be made to feel extraordinarily stupid once it’s revealed as such.

  31. Quilt says:

    So I’ll draw a triangle. Shade one side orange, and pepper the other side. It’ll be the new logo for “Doritoes Sweet Chili Heat!”

    It’s not worth anything now, but once I write a thesis about the thing (involving gravitational pull and ancient Mayan traditions), it’ll be worth a few millions.

    I might even get a free bag of chips out of the deal.

  32. RedSonSuperDave says:

    Who needs hallucinogenic drugs when reality is this twisted?

  33. Cattivella says:

    The new pepsi logo reminds me of UCLA’s logo debacle a couple years ago. They spent $90k for a design company to basically capitalize, bold and italicize “UCLA”. The students were pissed – an art/design student could have come up with that or something better for free.

  34. bdsakx says:

    Say what you will about the logo — all I care about is whats in the can. My purchasing decision is not affected by the logo. I think Pepsi got it right when it wanted to market the younger demographic.

    While it doesn’t appeal to most of you, it probably will to elementary school kids. When they grow up, they’ll have a fondness for that slick packaging because design has come a long way now that a digital lifestyle is proliferating (as is design becoming more contemporary with the times). I’d like to give Pepsi *some* credit. I’m sure they knew what they were getting, and know we aren’t stupid enough to forgo buying it just over the packaging design. We buy it for the taste, which has established a strong reputation. This new campaign only benefits Pepsi because on one hand, they get us, and on the other, they get the kids who are growing up in a world of modern, slick and contemporary ubiquity. I think this new branding is clever and could very well be perpetually enduring for the next 50 years or so. Marketing for this day and age must be crazy.

  35. Corporate_guy says:

    Best version of the new pepsi logo:

  36. ohnoes says:

    P 18 – what the heck is the “golden ration?” All I know is the Golden Ratio.

  37. ohnoes says:

    This is actually a pretty fascinating bit of work if you cut through all the BS.

  38. chrisjames says:

    You, The Consumerist, realize that this is exactly what Pepsi wants, right? I mean, this is just an irony piece, isn’t it? They couldn’t give a shit if anyone liked their logo, or if it scientifically was the ultimate in Pepsi logo-fication. They just want people to have Pepsi on the brain.

    I’ve taken a notice to the Pepsi bottles at the store now that I’ve been deluged with commentary and op-eds on the new logo. The little irrational part of my mind wants to give it a shot. The large and much more powerful rational part knows that store-brand soda is 1/3 the price and tastes just as much like syrupy bathwater.

    I just want to make sure that we all understand the absurdity here.

  39. loueloui says:

    These documents have all the makings of a scummy viral marketing campaign. Methinks Consumerist took the bait.

  40. FooSchnickens - Full of SCAR says:

    To me the picture looks like the new logo makes me want to focus on the opposite aisle where the coke products are.

    Which is what I do anyway.

  41. walterny says:

    Hey you fell for it. That “leaked” piece of toilet paper was part of a viral marketing campaign. Oops!!

  42. ponycyndi says:

    Pepsi is gross. Why do they think I would care how they came up with their logo?

  43. raincntry says:

    Does anyone actually believe this horseshit? Dear lord I suffered through that document and can say if I were the client I would demand a full refund.

  44. Tremblor says:

    It strikes me as a ARGish joke about the design. If someone thinks this is serious THEY are the stupid ones.

  45. TCinIowa says:

    It’s final proof for anyone who needed it that Marketing is Satan’s greatest work.

    If it’s for real, anyone with a soul would have ran screaming out of the room.

  46. hi says:

    why does obama have a logo, and why is pepsi copying it?

  47. P_Smith says:

    Maybe Pepsi got tired of Negativland’s parody album cover, “Dispepsi”.

  48. AD8BC says:

    I think the Pepsi logo (and their last one) is a blatent ripoff of the old Studebaker car company logo…

    Turn it on it’s side.

    …albeit it has been changed a little bit, it is still very close.

  49. Raiders757 says:

    Pepsi sucks! That is all.