Pistol Whipping Pizzeria Owner Was Ex-Mobster In Witness Protection Program

Well, this explains that Goombah Pizzeria owner’s apparent anger management issues: he was a former hit-man who’d served prison time in 2004 after pleading guilty to 2 murders.

Gothamist writes that “Joey Calco, the man who made a name for himself when he turned on the Bonanno crime family and ratted out consigliere Anthony Spero in 2001, has been living in Florida and running a pizza place under the name Joseph Milano.” We wonder if competing pizza joints in the area will start placing signs in their windows that read, “NOT affiliated with the mob!”—or if that would just invite more pistol whippings.

“Mob Turncoat’s Identity Outed After a Fight Over a Calzone” [Gothamist] (Thanks to Alexa!)

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