Denny's Still Mad Busy After Free Breakfast Promo Ends

I went into a Denny’s Sunday and was shocked to see every single seat taken up by customers, from the booths to the counter to this annex room with tables. “Ever since they ran that free Grand Slam thing it’s been like this,” said hostess Krysal. “They’re bringing the business back.” Even after the free day was over last Tueday?

“Yep,” she said, then went to go check on our table for us and came back to report it needed bussing. “Phew,” she said, resting at the podium, “I get a break.” When we finished our food and went up to pay for it, they had the table cleaned and seated with new people before we even got to the register.

Looks like that SuperBowl spot paid off, but for how long? Having checked out Denny’s once in response to a puppet banana and free breakfast offer, will they return?

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(Photo: iamtekn [is feeling lazy])

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