Renovated "It's A Small World" Disneyland Ride Annoys Purists

Disneyland has updated that most deeply annoying of vacation experiences, the “It’s a Small World!” ride. The new version includes lots of Disney characters in addition to the usual creepy chanting dolls that you know would come alive and kill you if you were stupid enough to sneak in there at night.

MSNBC says:

While a Disney press release says, “We know that many people have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to relive their ‘It’s a small world’ memories and create new ones with children, grandchildren and friends,” some purists have questioned whether adding characters from animated movies sullies the intended experience.

A writer on the Web site Boing Boing calls it “one of the most egregious and downright disgusting decisions” ever made by Disney.

The press release says that the characters are done in the style of the original dolls and that guests are supposed to search for them. (Awww, look at Alice!) The article also attempts to dispel the rumor that the ride had to be closed down and renovated because we’re too fat and were sinking the boats.

It’s a Commercial World, After All! [MSNBC]
Video: Something to Celebrate! ‘it’s a small world’ Returns to Disneyland With New Magic (Press Release) [Yahoo!]

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