AT&T Mobility Sues Over Auto Warranty Robocalls

You know those annoying robocalls on your mobile phone about renewing your car warranty? The companies behind the calls use spoofing to remain hidden, but AT&T Mobility just filed suit in federal court to track down the culprits, then hopefully make them stop. This is great news, because judging from the quotes given to RCR Wireless, the FTC and FCC both don’t seem too concerned about the matter.

AT&T Mobility said one number alone – 800-219-7425 – made more than 13 million calls to wireless numbers through telecom carriers Paetec Communications, Global Crossing and MCI Inc./Verizon Communications Inc. AT&T said it will need to subpoena those companies and others to determine the owner and operator of various spoofed phone numbers.

Although the calls are a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the government hasn’t done much to put a stop to them:

Elizabeth Lordan, a spokesperson at the Federal Trade Commission, said such telemarketing also appears to violate the agency’s Telemarketing Sales Rules governing the National Do Not Call Registry. Lordan said she is not aware of any completed FTC investigations involving autodial-based extended auto warranty telemarketing. Lordan also said she was unable to say whether the FTC has any probes in progress.

Rosemary Kimball, an FCC spokesperson, said the agency could not immediately provide data on consumer complaints about such telemarketing. Kimball said she was not aware of any FCC enforcement actions on extended warranty telemarketing.

“AT&T Mobility lawsuit tackles autodialing telemarketers, claims ‘annoyance and intrusion'” [RCR Wireless]
(Photo: Seth W.)