Peanut Corp Says Salmonella Plant Was Regularly Inspected, Given Good Ratings

Peanut Corp. of America is now saying that its Georgia plant was regularly inspected by the FDA and given a “meets or exceeds” rating. This doesn’t excuse the company from its own failings, but we think it points out what President Obama recently noted, which is that the FDA inspection system doesn’t seem to work very well.

“We want the public to know that there were regular visits and inspections of the Blakely facility by federal and state regulators in 2008,” Peanut Corp of America said.

“Independent audit and food safety firms also conducted customary unannounced inspections of the Blakely facility in 2008,” it said in a statement, noting the plant got an overall superior rating on one visit and, in another, was found to “meet or exceed” audit expectations.

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“Inspection reports from peanut plant varied widely” [Associated Press]

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