Trader Joe's Redefines Organic, Puts Glass in Your Sorbet

Specialty store Trader Joe’s is very common with the college hipster crowd; decent prices, organic foods, and the ever-drinkable Two Buck Chuck. For tipster Gil’s sake, they better have some organic band-aids and DIY Surgery kits — at least one of their products comes with a shard of all-natural glass. Full letter after the fold.

My wife bought some frozen mango this weekend from Trader Joe’s in Washington DC. I love the store, and they’re generally great about things – but today after taking the frozen mango and making it into sorbet (with trader joe’s yogurt) we found something that was not chopped up – a glass shard with sharp edges. It is about 1/6th an inch wide and I’d imagine it would not be so healthy to eat, I’m just glad I found it.

In case Trader Joe’s contacts you – I’m happy to give them the info off my bag so they can pull the product.

We’re glad too, Gil — and I’m sure Trader Joe’s will be eager to learn which of their products have an extra crunch to them.