59,203 Pounds Of Trader Joe’s And Al Fresco Chicken Sausage May Be Seasoned With Plastic Shards

applesausageA good chicken sausage is a nice mix of meat, seasonings, and the occasional vegetable in a casing. What is not supposed to be part of that blend of ingredients are shards of plastic, which are harmful to your teeth and don’t taste very good. Sausage sold under the Trader Joe’s house brand and the Al Fresco brand been recalled because it may have that problem.

What should you look for if, for example, you happen to have bought a freezer full of this sausage while it was on sale like an unnamed Consumerist staffer? The affected products are both apple-maple flavored. Al Fresco is available in regular grocery stores, but the Trader Joe’s brand is only available in their stores.


For the Al Fresco products have the code 9709, and use by/freeze by dates of June 13 or June 20. Affected Trader Joe’s brand, you want to look for case code 9605 and use by/freeze by dates of April 22, April 24, and April 29, 2015.

They learned about the issue after two customers reported finding plastic pieces in their sausages. The pieces were small, and they weren’t injured.

Kayem Foods Recalls Sausage Products Due To Possible Foreign Matter Contamination [USDA]

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