Union Asks Bank Of America Customers To Ask Tellers To Ask CEO To Resign

The Service Employees International Union is running a campaign asking Bank of America customers to go into their local branch on Thursday and have a conversation with the teller about why their CEO, Ken Lewis, should be fired. One point that’s sure to rile up the tellers: their annual pay is less than what the CEO of one of Bank of America’s acquired companies spent on new drapes for his office.

We like the idea of customers, not just shareholders, trying to fix perceived problems in the company. Aligning customers and employees against the execs seems like a powerful tactic, especially because the board of directors, is seen as overly deferential to Lewis.

We also note that SEIU might have a special bone to pick with Bank of America, as a recent story broke that three days after receiving bailout money, BoA hosted a conference call with conservative and business leaders discussing strategy for defeating a labor bill and donating money to Republican Senate candidates in order to filibuster the bill.

Time to Go: Bank of America Must Fire CEO Ken Lewis [SEIU, via USPIRG]
Bank of America Board Under Fire From Critics [NYT]
(Photo: frankieleon)

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