Robo Calls Die Fiery Death With Your Opt-Out

Asta la vista, robo callers! As of December, all pre-recorded sales calls need to have a way for consumers to opt-out of their mailing lists, either by pressing a button or saying something.No doubt this will happen at the end of the call. So the good news is that you have a way to get off their list. The bad news is…

…you’ll probably have to listen to their whole spiel to do it. Also, it will only work of the telemarketer follows the rules, less scrupulous ones or outright scammers are unlikely to let you off their list, and could even find ways to profit off it. “Thank you for your selection. To process your opt-out request and verify your identity, please enter your bank account number…”

Victory for consumers; defeat for robo-calls [MSNBC]

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