1800mattress.com Will Give You Free Pillows, But That Doesn't Mean It Has To Like You

We love it when what’s supposed to be internal communication leaks out to the customer—it gives you such clear insight as to how a company really feels about you. In the case of 1800mattress.com, calling to complain about a missed delivery date makes you “difficult.” But hey, they’ll still send you some free pillows.

Eric writes,

Two weeks ago, I ordered a mattress from 1800mattress.com. It was scheduled to be delivered on January 16 between 4-8. The four hours ticked by and no mattress. I called customer support to ask where the mattress went, and a very nice and helpful customer service rep said they made a mistake and the order, for some reason, was not processed. I politely asked (I really did!), given that the mistake was on their end, if I could get some sort of discount on my mattress. She replied that she’d ask her supervisor and came back stating that she couldn’t give me a discount, but could give me two free pillows. Better than nothing, so I took the offer and thanked her.

One week later, the day before my mattress arrived, I received the two free pillows and a receipt. Given it was a receipt for $0, I initially only glanced briefly at it but something caught my attention: the apparent discount code for the free pillows: “CUUST BEING DIFFICULT.”

At least they were honest about how they felt about me!

PS — the mattress is comfy, but the pillows — well, you get what you pay for.

(Photo: maxintosh)

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