Toy Manufacturer To Sell Caylee Anthony Doll

Now you too can be a part of the Caylee Anthony saga unfolding on cable news networks! What’s that? This is a grotesque commercialization of what should be a private tragedy? Don’t be such a downer! “We want it to be a tribute,” Showbiz Promotions prez Jaime Salcedo told the Orlando Sentinel. Heck, he’s even thinking of donating $3 per purchase to some good cause or another.

The doll plays “You Are My Sunshine” when you push her belly, so luckily you don’t have to be sad when you look at your new Caylee doll. You do have to be one sick, creepy fool, however.

Asked about whether it’s appropriate for his company profit on Caylee’s death, Salcedo said he is anticipating critics.

“I think that that is going to come up,” he said.

Salcedo said the public does not understand what it costs to make the doll, ship it, import it, and his company’s expenses.

Yes, it’s definitely expensive to make and sell toys these days. Here’s an idea: just cancel it altogether. Problem solved, and you might even repair a little fragment of your shredded, soot-stained soul, Jaime.

Seriously, don’t sell dolls of murdered children. It’s effed up.

“The Caylee Marie Anthony tribute doll” [Orlando Sentinel] (Thanks to Craig!)
Showbiz Promotions storefront

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