Hug Me Pillow Relieves The Loneliness Until Morning

You don’t have to be sad anymore, single person. Overstock has you covered. Just don’t turn over in the middle of the night, especially if you have night terrors.

Some of the reviews are insightful, too:

“I sleep with 5 of them… I can’t explain it but I now feel like one complete person.” – Anonymous

“This lonely arm brings me the love that I need. I come home and it greets me, it cooks me dinner, it loves me the way no one could ever love me.” – LonelyArm13

“It doesn’t matter why you need/want the pillow, what matters is you won’t regret it.” – AuthenticOpinion4u

“Doesn’t talk back or snore.” – Anonymous

Hug Me Pillow [] (Thanks to Jon!)

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