Police Make You Give Your iPod To A Cab Driver As Payment

We’re not like, positive or anything, but we doubt there’s a law that says you have to give your iPod to a cab driver if your credit card is declined. The New York Post says that a woman was forced, by JFK Airport Police, to hand over her iPod or be “taken downtown.”

Natalie Lenhart, of Sacramento, Calif., said the $140 music player, full of “oldies” by The Beatles and James Taylor, was valued at more than $90 more than the final cab fare, with tip, that she racked up last month.

The driver, Mohammed Islam, said he still has the iPod and wants to give it back in the presence of a Taxi and Limousine Commission official.

“What am I going to do with the iPod? There’s no ear phones!” said Islam, who has been driving for three years.

Um, ok. Anyway, the police say there’s no evidence of any wrong doing on the part of anyone, but they will investigate the incident. The taxi driver says he doesn’t want an iPod, he just wants his fare.

How weird.


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