Don't Worry, Chrysler Will Still Be Paying To Put Their Cars In Terminator Movies

Despite taxing $4 billion in emergency aid from the U.S. government, Chrysler’s product placement deals are not in danger. Phew.

From Reuters:

Chrysler, which has received $4 billion in emergency aid from the U.S. government, has a deal to place its vehicles in cameo roles in “Terminator Salvation,” scheduled for release later this year and starring Christian Bale, executives said on Tuesday.

Financial terms of the sponsorship deal were not disclosed.

“This spring, Terminator 4 comes out and we will be one of the sponsors,” Chrysler director of media Susan Thomson said in a presentation at the Automotive News World Congress. “We have a following with the Terminator movies and we are going to continue with that.”

Well, it looks like John Connor won’t have to drive an XTerra, so that’s good news.

Chrysler to be back with “Terminator” sponsorship [Reuters]

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