Gap Kids Planting Headless Tots For Spring!

This may be one of those posts where it turns out nobody else is bothered by it, but seriously, wtf is up with Gap Kids? Their little headless mannequins have always been a bit off-putting to me, but now they’ve gone full-blown Anne Geddes and placed the bodies in a weird context that makes them seem even creepier than usual.

Seriously, why is there a headless kid clutching a teddy bear and stuck in a planter? Are you trying to grow next season’s crop of children to behead? Do you realize your display is just one step away from a pastel graveyard scene? Ugh.

If I had a child and saw this window, I would clutch it and run like I’m in “Children of Men.” I would probably not look as impossibly handsome as Clive Owen, but I’d save my kid from The Gap.

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