Domino's Burns Subway's C&D On National TV

I’ll still never order a sandwich from either establishment except under duress, but I approve of how Domino’s handled Subway’s cease-and-desist letter over their new campaign claiming Domino’s oven-baked sandwiches beat Subway’s 2-1 in a taste test paid for by Domino’s: with flames.

“I was going to burn the letter,” says “Domino’s CEO – who, contrary to popular belief, is not the Noid guy, “but everything’s better when it’s oven-baked.” Then he tosses the letter in a big Domino’s oven and it catches fire. Then they roll the commercial Subway’s tried to get taken down. Ha, suck it, Subway! Oh wait, I just remembered they’re both crap. Cheers.

Domino’s Burns Subway [BrandWeek] (Thanks to Brandon Savage!)

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