Royal Caribbean To Levy Late-Night Room Service Charge

Royal Caribbean’s odd “steak fee” proved to be such a success that the bleed-’em-dry cruise line has decided to add yet another extraneous charge to their “all-inclusive” service: a late night room service fee! Gone are the days of waking up from a seasick-induced nightmare at 3 a.m. to the comforting thought of, “well at least I can order a cheeseburger.” Now, seasickness cures ordered between midnight and 5 a.m. cost $3.95.

The cruise line quietly announced the change by editing their website to read:

All meals (including coffee, tea, water, iced tea or lemonade) delivered by room service are included in the price of your cruise (however a late night service charge applies). Specialty beverages, beer, wine and soda are offered at current bar menu prices.

We hate suspense. Royal Caribbean should stop tip-toeing around fee increases and just unveil the Premium Gangway Service Fee. Regular cruises get unlimited access to the gangway while at sea, while those paying for Royal Caribbean’s premium service also get the privilege of using the gangway when the ship is docked. The fee will cost $1,000 per adult, child, and teddy bear.

Royal Caribbean starts charging for late-night service [Tripso]
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