Police Officer Shoves Walmart Receipt Checker To The Ground, Won't Be Charged

Apparently even more annoyed with receipt checking than we are, a Tennessee police officer shoved a 71-year-old Walmart employee to the ground after the employee tried to check his receipt, then pushed a customer through a glass door. That’s a bit much.

According to The Chattanoogan, Detective Kenneth Freeman took umbrage when the employee asked to check his receipt after the security alarm went off. Freeman then shoved the man against a vending machine. When another customer got involved, Freeman pushed him through a glass door. Incredibly, a judge threw out the employee’s complaint, and Detective Freeman will not face any charges.

Look, we don’t like it when stores try to check our receipts either. We think it’s an invasion of our privacy, and, unless you’re shopping at store whose membership agreement requires that you submit to receipt checks, stores can’t force you to show your receipt. But we don’t think you need to use actual physical force to resist the checker.

Office Will Not Face Charges In Shoving Of 71-Year-Old Wal-mart Greeter [The Daily Chattanoogan]
(Photo: dooleymtv)

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