Progressive Has No Notion of Christmas Spirit, Announces Yule-tide Rate Increase

According to an Email received by reader Jessica, Progressive Auto Insurance is increasing rates for New York Customers by nearly 20%. And the best time to announce this? Christmas day, of course!

Whats perplexing is the lack of explanation behind the change — the original email cited it simply as ‘the cost of doing business in New York’. Jessica attempted to find more out herself, with no luck.

I called to ask if there was a mistake and was told that it was not a mistake, and that everyone in the state will be paying extra. I’ve never received so much as a parking ticket in my life — there is NO explanation in the e-mail for the increase, either. They just tell you nonchalantly that it’s time to renew in x months and your premium is X — so Merry Christmas, NY Progressive customers!

Any ideas on why this could be?

Pic: [The Master Shake Signal]

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