Here we go Again: Sexy Child Costumes hit Amazon

After already putting up ‘Sexy tween‘ clothing, it looks like Amazon has made another misstep in their categorizing- the ‘Sexy French Maid’ found its way into the “Office Products/Children” section.

The costume itself seems fairly innocuous if it were categorized correctly. But certain phrases creep me out in this context, specifically:

Technical Details

* Made with the Best Quality Material with your child in mind.
* Top Quality Children’s Item.

Product Description
This sexy ‘French Maid’ includes: minni dress with marabou trim, pink satin apron, garter, wrist bands and marabou headband. Very stunning!

It gets even creepier when you look at the ‘related discussions’ at the bottom. Who categorizes these things, anyway? French Maid Pink Teen [Amazon]

[Thanks, Cynthia!]

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