Luxury Conglomerate LVMH Is Definitely Not Selling Through Amazon

Image courtesy of Achim Hepp

LVMH is a luxury conglomerate named after only two of its brands, Moët Hennessy and Louis Vuitton. Other brands it owns that you might have heard of are Dom Pérignon, Dior, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and Sephora. Yet while you can find its products in most department stores, you will not find them being sold officially at the Everything Store: LVMH will definitely not be selling its products on Amazon.

Amazon, you may remember, is trying to expand in what may be the only category of online retail it doesn’t dominate: clothing. It doesn’t just want regular old clothes, though: it wants fashion, and fashion brands are not yet lining up to sell their wares on the site. More affordable brands, yes: Kate Spade has an Amazon storefront, for example.

During a conference call with investors, analysts, and journalists today, the French conglomerate’s CFO said that “the business of Amazon does not fit with LVMH full stop,” and the site doesn’t suit its brands. Luxury brands prefer to have more control over how their products are displayed and marketed,

The company is doing well enough without Amazon, reporting that this quarter’s sales are up, particularly in mainland China.

LVMH says no way will do business with Amazon [Reuters]

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