Help! Family Buying Appliances Were Locked Inside Sears

A family shopping for appliances were locked inside a Sears store in Maplewood, MN, says the local Fox affiliate. Anthony (who was scheduled to have hip surgery the next day), his wife Kathy and her sister Crystal were just about to buy a stove, a fridge and a dishwasher when they heard an announcement that the store was about to close. They asked an employee if they should just come back another day. He said no.

Fox Twin Cities says:

They asked the clerk if they should they come back the next day, he said no, they made the purchase, and headed for the exit.

They looked around and saw no one. Anthony, already in pain, went upstairs looking for the clerk.

They tried calling out from a store phone, while Anthony tried Sears on his cell phone, but then the lights went out.

Finally, they reached Maplewood police…

Eventually police arrived and sorted everything out.

Police checked the Brown family’s IDs and receipts, and the Sears representative eventually let them out.

Hey, it’s too bad Anthony was scheduled to have hip surgery the next morning — it might have been fun to spend the night inside a Sears.

Customers Accidentally Locked in Maplewood Sears After Hours [MyFox Twin Cities]

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