Target Loses all Evidence of Your Application, Thinks You Were Never Hired

Tipster William was ready to start his seasonal job at Target when he was told that there was no record of him ever being scheduled, taking a drug test, or ever being hired.

What do you do in a situation like this? William tried to contact ChoicePoint (the agency that handles private data for drug testing, background searches, etc) but they had no record of the drug test – or even the request for a drug test – on file. Thinking it might be a Social Security Number mixup, ChoicePoint tried to get them in contact with Target HR, which gave him their own little run around.

So, I try to call Target today but their phone was constantly busy. When I got there, I heard one of the managers talking about how their phone system was down. I gave the lady at HR the number to call, but she looked into the computer and they couldn’t find any record of me at all — that I never applied, never was interviewed, never had a drug test, nothing. The lady said she would ask around to find out where all the records on me went.

“Ask around”? This is a Fortune 500 company, not the local paper route. They put you through the hiring process, and told you when you’d be working. You put in time, effort, and money that could have been spent looking elsewhere, and they owe it to you to follow through. Go into target, speak with the General Manager (or, preferably the Manager who interviewed you) and demand an answer. We’ll all be rooting for you, William!

(Photo: Baslercast)

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