Price-Check Your Black Friday "Deals"

I’m really interested to see what happens with “Black Friday,” the hectic shopping day after Thanksgiving where retailers traditionally mark down their products for Christmas deal-seekers, this year. As the shark has been so thoroughly jumped on this shopping spree, the deals have gotten worse and the retail trickery more tricky, so can a consumer still make out?

ConsumerWorld’s Edgar Dworksy has “Top 10 Tips to Bag a Bargain on Black Friday” that should help, like making sure you properly price-check the deals. Just because it’s splashed in the circular with a big yellow star blast around the price doesn’t mean that price is actually a deal! Enter the items at online price-comparison services like ConsumerWorld’s PriceChecker or If ordering online, make sure you include shipping and tax, and scope out the retailer’s reputation first at if you haven’t heard of them before. For 9 more Black Friday shopping tips, check out “Edgar’s post” at ConsumerWorld.