Apple Repair Center Doesn't Repair Your Laptop, But Does Replace Your Keyboard With German Layout

When Paul, a Georgia Tech student in Atlanta, got his MacBook back from an Apple Repair center, he noticed they hadn’t repaired the dent screen bezel at all—and something was a little off about the keyboard now, too. There were umlauts over the vowels, for instance, and that weird B-shaped letter thing grafted onto the question mark key, which was now up on the number row.

So when you take your Mac to get repaired and they have to send it to their repair center, politely request that a service technician with the ID 31514 at the “CTS, Apple Authorized Repair Center” in Houston, Texas does not fix your Mac.

Unless you want to type in German.

“Apple Repair Remains Dismal” [Paul Stamatiou]

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